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  • For decades now, there has been a craze over women’s high heels. Women feel great and confident wearing high heels therefore the adoration they have for the heels is quite understandable. As if in harmony, men are known to be in love with high heels too – they just love the sight of ladies walking in high heels.

  • High heeled shoes have acquired an iconic status and became a long-lasting trend is likely to dominate for several decades to come. The heels have become a part and parcel of most women’s wear to the extent they can be used as a milestone in a woman’s life.

  • A good example is the high heeled prom shoes. During this important date in every young woman’s life, women’s high heels are worn to augment the prom dress. For more formal events as well, women’s dress shoes come in handy since having the ability to walk in high heels is an absolute attraction tool.

  • Acquiring the technique of walking in heels should be a primary concern for any woman first and foremost as a safety precaution because it way too easy to lose balance when wearing a 5 inch heeled shoes, and second it is important the woman wearing heels looks charming walking in them rather than drunk due to lacking balance every now and then.

  • Women’s high heels come in a wide variety of designs, fabrics and colors. Examples are women’s dress shoes, platform shoes and peep toes. The pricing for high heels varies depending on the color, design and fabric with women’s designer shoes costing a fortune due to the elegance and charm they add to any woman wearing them. These designer high heels are also important if a woman needs that unique look or signature that will make her stand out.